Government Home Buying Grants
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Government Sponsored Home Buying Grant Money to
Assist with Down Payment on a Home

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What is Down Payment Assistance?

Down Payment Assistance is when you use a Grant or Down Payment Program to qualify for your home loan financing. In Arizona there are a number of No Money Down and Grant Programs available through many County, State, and Federal programs to help cover the required down payment and closing costs for your home purchase. You really can live the American Dream with little to no money out of pocket at closing.

How Grant Money Works

Housing Grants & Down Payment Assistance programs are designed to assist you with your home purchase. Usually these programs are given to help you qualify for a mortgage, by providing the required down payment at closing. Some grants are offered to help rehabilitate a home in a government sponsored revitalization area. These programs help keep areas from becoming run down and help to keep real estate values stable.

What is a Certified Local Specialist?

Our Certified Local Specialist are some of Arizona’s most knowledgeable real estate professionals on the topics of local real estate and down payment assistance in their area. Our specialist have been through extensive training and are well versed in the process of helping home buyers take full advantage of the grant and down payment assistance programs in their area.

See How Much House You Can Afford

See what size of loan you will qualify for, by entering your annual salary, monthly debt, and expected interest rate below.

If your down payment amount is less than the amount of the grant you receive, you will have zero down payment, and, you can use any extra money toward a loan reduction.

Meet the Davidinas Family!

"We were not looking for a grant program when we were searching for a home. But we came across, and discovered we qualify for down payment assistance.

We ended up with a $10,000 grant that we used for a down payment! We couldn’t be happier!"